11 Best Filipino Cookbooks, Uncover the Secrets of Filipino Cuisin


Filipino cookbooks were once less well-known globally, often confused with other Asian cuisines and featuring hard-to-find ingredients. However, Filipino food has now become one of the world’s 11 most popular cuisines, leading to increased demand for Filipino cookbooks both in stores and online.

The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook: Classic and Modern…
offers over 75 heartfelt Filipino recipes, adapted for the Instant Pot, celebrating the cuisine’s rich flavors and cultural heritage. It’s praised for its accessible approach, humor, and beautiful photography, making it a must-have for modern home cooks.
The Easy Filipino Cookbook: 100 Classics Made Simple
features 100 traditional recipes adapted for easy home cooking, including regional dishes from Luzon to Mindanao. It offers essential techniques, making it a must-have for anyone looking to explore the vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine.
I Am a Filipino: And This Is How We Cook
A 2019 James Beard Award Finalist and a Best Cookbook of the Year, featuring vibrant Filipino recipes like adobos, kare kare, and pansit, reflecting the country’s diverse culinary influences. With bold photography, it captures the essence of Filipino cuisine.
Amboy: Recipes from the Filipino-American Dream
Alvin Cailan, creator of LA’s Eggslut and host of The Burger Show, presents Filipino recipes reflecting his journey from feeling culturally adrift to becoming a prominent figure in Filipino cuisine in the US.
Quintessential Filipino Cooking: 75 Authentic and Classic…
offers 75 classic and authentic recipes, showcasing the diverse flavors of Filipino cuisine. Liza adds her personal touch to each dish, highlighting influences from Austronesian, Malay-Indonesian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and American cuisines.
The Filipino Cookbook: 85 Homestyle Recipes to Delight Your…
Discover 85 authentic Filipino recipes in this beautifully illustrated cookbook. From vegetable dishes to seafood, noodles, and desserts, each recipe features easy-to-follow instructions using readily available ingredients.
The New Filipino Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from around…
A captivating cookbook featuring 30 recipes and stories from expat Filipinos, including adaptations of traditional dishes for modern contexts. With contributions from renowned chefs, this book offers a nuanced introduction to Filipino food and culture.
Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora
shares 100 deeply personal Filipino recipes, offering a fresh spin on classics like adobo and bistek. With stories from her immigrant family and training in NYC kitchens, this cookbook is a modern, welcoming resource for Filipino cuisine.
Pulutan! Filipino Bar Bites, Appetizers and Street Eats:…
features over 60 recipes for finger foods, appetizers, and street foods meant to be enjoyed with alcoholic drinks. These dishes, influenced by Spanish, Chinese, and American cuisines, are perfect for social gatherings and pair well with beer, wine, or cocktails.
The Philippine Cookbook
presents classic Filipino recipes adapted for American kitchens, featuring dishes like adobo and pancit guisado. Reflecting Malaysian, Chinese, and Spanish influences, these recipes are quick, easy, and nutritious, perfect for adventurous cooks.
The Filipino-American Kitchen: Traditional Recipes,…
offers over 100 recipes that blend traditional Filipino dishes with New World variations. From appetizers to desserts, the book introduces readers to the exotic flavors of Filipino cuisine, providing easy-to-make meals.

11 Best Filipino Cookbook Recommendation

There are many reasons why Filipino food is a favorite for people around the world. Aside from reflecting the Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Western, and Pacific Islander flavors, the food also connects people and bridges their differences through deliciousness. Filipino food is also known for its flavors and textures that are an adventure. Now, let’s get inspired with the following Filipino cookbooks!

1. Tisha Gonda Domingo’s Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook

Filipino Cookbook

If you’re learning about Filipino recipes, you have to go deeper than just knowing the ingredients and the steps to make them. This book is more than just that. The book is your best way to appreciate and understand the evolution of the spices, the nuances of the flavors, and where the dishes were birthed. Another reason you need to get this book is the fact that it got accolades from the Culinary Director of the Filipino Food Movement and chefs from around the world.

2. Roline Casper’s Easy Filipino Cookbook

Filipino Cook Book

The great thing about Filipino food is that it is versatile, adaptable, and great for sharing with your loved ones. This cookbook is made to bring ease to your cooking experience as well as the unique flavors of the islands to your own kitchen.

The book also speaks about an in-depth history of Filipino food and culinary influences from around the world. It also includes regional recipes, Pinoy prep to discover essential tools and techniques, and Masarap menus through 100 easy and classic Filipino dishes.

3. Nicole Ponseca and Miguel Trinida’s “I Am Filipino” Cookbook

Filipino Cook Book

If we talk about Pilipino cookbooks, we have to talk about this one. This cookbook is among the most popular cookbooks out there, with lots of recognition from the public.

The book has been named the best cookbook of the year by many platforms, including The New Yorker, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times Book Review, Houston Chronicle, Food52, PopSugar, and more. It’s a book not only to guide on how to cook like a Filipino, but it’s also a guide through the Philippines, its culture, and its history.

4. Alvin Cailan Recipes from the Filipino

Filipino Cook Book

To help you understand Filipino dishes, you need to learn how to cook them from the right source. Alvin Cailan is arguably the best and most well-known chef in America’s Filipino food movement.

He hosts the hit online series The Burger Show and is known as the most prominent Filipino chef in the United States. He wrote this book that became an instant hit and a favorite among the public. The book is beautifully represented through people, places, and photos, which makes it great story-telling.

5. Liza Agbanlog’s Quintessential Filipino Cooking Book

Filipino Cook Book

Are you looking forward to expanding your knowledge about classic and modern Filipino food? If that is the case, this book is simply for you. The book is provided with lots of colorful photos and easy-to-follow recipes with instructions that are written clearly and concisely.

This Quintessential Filipino Cooking Book also allows you to experience classic and authentic Filipino recipes through 75 unique recipes. The recipes highlight the traditions and flavors of Filipino cuisine and it gives you that personal touch that takes it to the next level.

6. Miki Garcia’s Filipino Cookbook

Filipino Cook Book

Whether you’re one of the 4 million Filipino-Americans living in the United States or just interested in trying something new, this Filipino cook book is for you. It comes with a delightful collection that features a variety of authentic Filipino dishes, including the well-known vegetable dishes.

Through this book, you can learn how to cook Filipino classics like pinakbet (sauteed vegetables with shrimp paste), halo-halo (mixed fruit dessert), paella (rice and seafood medley), and marcon (stuffed beef roll). The purpose of this book is to allow you to create authentic Filipino dishes in your home.

7. Jacqueline and Rowena’s New Filipino Cooking Book

Filipino Cookbook

Another great recommendation when it comes to Filipino cookbooks is this kitchen book. The book provides 30 exciting recipes and stories from Filipino expats. It introduces the world of Filipino food and culture through clear visuals and good writing.

The book has gained attention from White House executive chef Cristeta Comerford and Bocuse d’Or Norway winner Christian André Pettersen. It also has been named as the top cookbook of 2018 by the San Francisco Chronicle and Epicurious. Its awards include a 2019 Midwest Book Award winner and a 2019 Eric Hoffer Award first runner-up.

8. Angela Dimayuga Filipinx Cookbook

Filipino Cookbook

Filipinx contains 100 deeply personal recipes, many of which depict the home of Angela Dimayuga and more than four million Filipino Americans.

Filipinx cookbook tells the story of Angela Dimayuga who grew up in an immigrant family in northern California, honed her cooking skills in a restaurant kitchen in New York City, then developed the details and techniques in the cuisine from which she came.

In this cookbook, you will find traditional recipes with a new twist from Angela Dimayuga. For example adobo, one of the most famous Filipino dishes outside of the Philippines. Filipinx offers fresh and approachable filipino dishes that everyone can enthusiastically embrace in their own kitchen.

9. Marvin Gapultos’ Appetizers Filipino Cookbook

Filipino Cookbook

With more than 60 inviting Pulutan recipes, this cookbook is ready to be your cooking inspiration right in your home. The book provides an approachable collection of unexpected appetizers using easy-to-understand steps. In case you are wondering, “putulan” means snacks or food provided in the company of alcoholic drinks.

It means that making Filipino snacks is now simple with this cooking book, as you only need to prepare your drinks. The book includes recipes like Grilled Coconut and Lemongrass Shrimp and Raw Oysters with Green Mango Mignonette (Kinilaw).

10. Reynaldo Alejandro’s Cookbook

Filipino Cookbook

Don’t be surprised if you find your palate wonderfully stimulated by this book. Yep! This book is that good! This book is where you can find a whole new array of tastes and textures in appetizers, meat, rice, fish entrees, noodles, vegetable dishes, and even desserts.

Some of the best recipes from this book are adobo (a rich marinated stew of pork or chicken), ginataan (meat prepared with coconut milk), pancit guisado (sautéed noodles laced with crunchy vegetables), and estofado (a dish that’s prepared with burnt sugar sauce).

11. Jennifer M. Arana’s Traditional Recipes Cookbook

Filipino Cookbook

If you want to experience new recipes that stand out, you need to take a look at this book. The author, Jennifer, comes up with the idea to introduce the exotic flavors of the Filipino homeland through easy ingredients and steps.

This Filipino cook book has over 100 classic appetizer and dessert recipes, including duck adobo, green papaya and jicama salad, salmon kilaw, lamb casoy, ambrosia shortcake, lumpia egg rolls, paella, pancit noodles, and halo-halo sundaes. It’s time to share mouthwatering, homemade Filipino food with your family and friends.

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