3 Just One Cookbooks: Mastering Japanese Culinary Delights from Sushi to Ramen

just one cookbook
Just One Cookbook Essential Japanese Recipes
Vol. 1, born from worldwide requests, presents 33 popular recipes, blending classics like chawanmushi and gyudon with modern favorites. Emphasizing authentic methods, it’s a beginner-friendly guide with tested and highly-rated recipes for confident Japanese cooking.
Just One Cookbook Essential Japanese Recipes Vol 2
With 90 popular recipes, this user-friendly guide provides a comprehensive resource for mastering Japanese home cooking, including everyday dishes and tutorials on cutting techniques, kitchen tools, and cooking tips. Endorsed by J. Kenji López-Alt, it offers recipes loved by millions.
Just One Cookbook Essential Japanese Recipes Vol 3: Osechi…
Presents 50+ traditional and modern Osechi ryori recipes, capturing the essence of the Japanese New Year. With detailed instructions, cooking tools, shopping guides, and tips. Endorsed by Elizabeth Andoh, it’s a complete guide for celebrating Shōgatsu at home.

Just One Cookbook is the world’s leading website for Japanese recipes, with more than 100 million readers. In the vast realm of online cooking resources, Just One Cookbook by Namiko Chen stands out as a remarkable treasure trove of culinary delights.

With her passion for Japanese cuisine, Namiko has curated an extensive collection of authentic recipes, helpful guides, and captivating stories that inspire home cooks around the globe. Let’s take a closer look at the wonderful world of Just One Cookbook and the talented chef behind it.

What Makes Just One Cookbook so Wonderful

A Journey into Japanese Cuisine

Just One Cookbook serves as a gateway into the rich and diverse tapestry of Japanese cuisine. Namiko’s dedication to showcasing the beauty and complexity of this culinary tradition is evident in every aspect of her work. From traditional dishes like sushi, ramen, and tempura to lesser-known gems like takoyaki and dorayaki, her recipes offer a comprehensive exploration of Japan’s gastronomic wonders.

Authenticity and Reliability

One of the most compelling aspects of Just One Cookbook is Namiko’s commitment to authenticity. Growing up in Japan and later relocating to the United States, she brings a unique perspective to her recipes, drawing from her personal experiences and family traditions. Each recipe is meticulously tested, ensuring that home cooks can recreate the flavors and techniques of Japanese cuisine with confidence.

Beyond the Recipes

Just One Cookbook goes beyond being a simple recipe repository. Namiko’s blog encompasses a wide range of content, including step-by-step tutorials, cooking tips, ingredient guides, and cultural insights. She artfully weaves personal anecdotes and stories into her posts, creating a connection with readers and allowing them to glimpse the rich tapestry of Japanese culture that surrounds each dish.

Visual Delights

In addition to the wealth of culinary knowledge, Just One Cookbook excels in its visual presentation. Every recipe is beautifully photographed, capturing the essence of each dish and inspiring readers to embark on their own culinary adventures. The stunning visuals, coupled with clear instructions, make the cooking process a joyful and visually appealing experience.

A Community of Food Enthusiasts

Just One Cookbook has fostered a vibrant and supportive community of food enthusiasts. Namiko’s warm and engaging demeanor shines through in her interactions with readers. She actively encourages questions, comments, and discussions, creating a space where individuals can connect, share their culinary experiences, and seek guidance.

Collection of Just One Cookbook

Namiko Hirasawa Chen shares not only recipes but also the fundamentals of Japanese cooking with different methods that she learned from her mother. If you are into Japanese cuisine, the Just One Cookbook series is the answer to your cooking experience. Let’s break them down!

1. Just One Cookbook Essential Japanese Recipes


This book is the first volume of the series following its successful blog. Namiko Hirasawa released this book after being inspired and encouraged by her readers. It features a collection of her most popular recipes.

You will find recipes for classic dishes like chawanmushi, gyudon, tamagoyaki or modern favorites like California rolls and green tea ice cream. The book focuses on the authentic methods of how to cook in Japanese style, like making steamed rice, sushi rice, and dashi soup stock.

There are also recipes for appetizers, side dishes, main dishes, rice and noodles, and desserts. If you are a beginner, you can cook easily and confidently because the recipes have been approved by Nami’s readers.

2. Just One Cookbook Essential Japanese Recipes Volume 2


More than 90 recipes can be found in this Japanese cookbook’s second volume, which Nami has curated from the website. She adds lesser-known authentic Japanese dishes for anyone who wants to improve their Japanese cooking.

They vary from soups, rice bowls, sushi, and party dishes to condiments and sauces. There are typical dishes like homemade miso soup, kabocha soup, green beans with sesame dressing, onigiri rice balls, curry udon, spicy mayo, and tonkatsu sauce.

The additional tips will also help you with cooking techniques, kitchen tools, and places to buy Japanese and Asian ingredients. This volume of Just One Cookbook is presented with stunning illustrations, step-by-step instructions, what to do after the instructions, and even how to store.

3. Just One Cookbook Essential Japanese Recipes Volume 3: Osechi Japanese New Year Recipes


Nami puts together more than 50 traditional and modern recipes for osechi (New Year dishes) you can try at home. She wants to bring the meaning and spirit of this occasion to your dining table, just like what she experienced in her childhood.

She hopes she can preserve and uphold this culinary tradition through this Just One Cook Book. There are recipes for new year’s eve menu ideas, new year’s day dishes, platters and soup, and desserts. You can try sukiyaki, shabu shabu, kuromame, tazukuri, eni no umami, tai sugata yaki, ozoni, and desserts like green tea mochi and zenzai.

It also includes traditions and recipes for toshikoshi soba and amazake, and tips on how to pack osechi in a jubako (tree box). They are completed by cooking timelines, tips, insights, and inspiration for this most important Japanese holiday.

About the writer, Namiko Hirasawa Chen

Just One Cookbook opens up an accessible window for Japanese culinary enthusiasts. The website and the series are founded by Namiko Hirasawa Chen (Nami), who is basically a home cook, world traveler, and recipe developer.

Her mother was the biggest inspiration for her cooking journey. She started it at a young age, when she spent almost every evening preparing food and mastering cooking techniques in the kitchen.

Now, Nami shares all her experiences with her readers so they can cook with confidence and discover the delicacy of Japanese food and culture.

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